The Great Dane has been characterized by many dog fanciers as the best natured of all breeds. They possess a peaceful disposition and a love for their family and home. Great Danes are dogs for children of all ages. They are devoted and gentle, in spite of their enormous size and strength. They are almost human in their ability to size up a situation and more than human in sensing danger to the ones they love and protect. The most prestigious of all dogs, through their size, power, and beauty, shows a proud self-confident and royal image. The Danes we see today were developed over 400 years ago in Germany as a working dog. Although their existence has been documented clear back to 3000 B.C. in ancient Egyptian statues and paintings. At Cornerstone Kennels we are devoted to keeping the original qualities of the Great Dane. Temperment, health, size, bone structure and coat quality are our main priorities in our breeding program. We breed only to better the breed, not to make a profit.



Cornerstone News

  • Stud Service Available!

    We are now offering stud service to approved bitches to our Niobrara's Taylor Made "Chrome" Live cover only at this time. Stud fee is $1,500 for 2015. We offer a live puppy gurantee.


  • Puppies expected.

    We are planning an early spring 2015 litter with heavy Euro influence. This breeding will be a blue to blue breeding from Paisley and Chrome. Puppy prices starting at $2,500.

  • Thank you!

    We would like to say a thank you to everyone that adopted our puppies from Paisley and Chrome's April 2014 litter! Each and every one of you has a special place in the Cornerstone family!