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Bloat is a very serious conditon and imediate care gives the best chance of survival and recovery. It is the number one killer in the Great Dane breed. We highly recommend a gastropexy ( stomach tack ) done at the time of a spay or neuter. It can save your dog's life! See below for links to find out more information as well as a signs and symptoms chart



There are a lot of different opinions about spay and neuter in the giant breed dog. Here are some links so that you can make your own opinion for what you choose to do with your puppy. We do not require spay/ neuter any earlier then 2 years of age on a pet puppy and personally recommend waiting until a minimum of a year old.


We personally believe in 8,12,16 weeks for vaccinations, however airline guidelines and high parvo areas do force us to vaccinate most of our puppies on a 6,8,12 schedule instead. There is much supporting documentation on waiting on vaccinating young puppies starting at 8 weeks instead of 6. We believe that the risk of your puppy dying of parvo is a higher risk then possible adverse effects of earlier administration of the vaccine. We highly recommend not taking your new puppy to public places and high dog traffic areas until he or she has fully completed the vaccination protocol. Please research the vaccine information below. It sheds a lot of light on many controversies over vaccinations.

WSU guideline:

UC Davis Guideline:

AAHA Guideline:


 Immunity duration:


Ear Cropping and care