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Pictured at 15 months of age.


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Darby Blau Vom Cornerstone

D.O.B October 7th 2016


Darby is from our Paisley and Chrome and the full sister of Penelope. We had originally decided to just keep one from the litter but as the sisters grew, we just couldn't decide between the two. They were different from each other but both had exactly the qualities we were looking for. It has proved to be the best choice we could have ever made. Darby has deeply bonded with me ( Libby ). She is my loyal, best dog friend. I believe she would excel as a therapy/service dog as she has naturally self taught. I fractured my L4 and L5 in an accident years ago and for the most part I do just fine but going down hills is hard for me at times. I have a garden that I go down a hill to every day and have fallen a few times. She has watched me and saw my need. She now will come running from where ever she is and glue herself to my side and inch down the hill with me. She intentionally braces her weight so that I can use her to steady myself down the hill. She is incredibly intuitive, loyal and genuine. I am truly excited to have this kind of temperament pass on to the next generation through her. Check back in 2018 for her health test results and breeding plans! 

Cornerstone News


We are now offering stud service to approved bitches to our Niobrara's Taylor Made "Chrome" Live cover only at this time. Stud fee is $1,500 for 2017/2018. We offer a live puppy gurantee. If you have wanted to use Chrome's stud service but haven't done it yet, now is the time to apply as he will be retiring early summer 2018. This will be his last year of breeding. 


Puppies expected from our Luci and Chrome for March 2018! We are currently taking deposits for that litter to reserve a spot.

 You can now find us on Instagram @hlbaker15 as well as Facebook-- Search Cornerstone Danes. We have an owners group as well as a new facebook profile! Before you friend me on my private facebook profile-- please send me a message and let me know who you are as I no longer add people that I do not know for safety and privacy reasons.