We chose to get our family dog from Cornerstone for many reasons, the primary one being that Libby and Aaron breed for health. We have always been uncomfortable with breeders who seem concerned only with showing their dogs and collecting prizes and titles. Cornerstone is working to save the Great Dane breed in the areas of health and longevity. The care that has gone into selecting the European bloodlines of these dogs is just the first step. At Cornerstone we found our puppy process to be exceptional. Libby gave us all the information we requested, and was supportive and open. I have talked to many breeders over the last 20 years as I have always bought purebred dogs, and Cornerstone has been the most pleasant and comfortable experience by far.


We got our boy November 1st and he is having his first happy Christmas with our family. He is healthy beyond measure. Our family vet is thrilled and has confirmed that he is one gorgeous and solid lad. His temperament is easy going, and with a house full of children, we trust our dog with them all. He is very very smart and has hit all the milestones early. These are exceptional dogs and absolutely worth investing in. When people like Libby and Aaron invest what they do in bringing the breed back from ill health and overbreeding, we Dane lovers need to support that.


We had considered getting two from Luna and Cinder’s litter, but they all went so fast! Understandably.

Inga & Denzil - Aldergrove B.C