Here are a few feeding recommendations we have:

 This is our general reccomendation for a feeding as your puppy grows. This was adopted from the "Great Dane Lady" website and we have had great success with it:

  • 2 months or 8 weeks = 2-4 cups per day - (divided into 3 meals daily)
  • 3 months or 12 weeks = 3-5 cups per day - (divided into 2 meals daily) 
  • 4 months or 16 weeks = 4-6 cups per day - (divided into 2 meals daily)
  • 5 months or 20 weeks = 5-7 cups per day - (divided into 2 meals daily 
  • 6 months or 24 weeks = 6-8 cups per day - (divided into 2 meals daily)
  • 7 months 6-9 cups per day - (divided into 2 meals daily)
  • 8 months..... 6-9 cups per day - (divided into 2 meals daily) 
  • 9 months..... 7-10 cups per day- (divided into 2 meals daily)
  • 10 - 12 months....7-10 cups per day - (divided into 2 meals daily)
  • 12 -18 months males - 8-10 cups a day (divided into 2 meals daily)
  • 12 -18 month females -6-9 cups a day (divided into w meals daily

 *Feed in the same place every feeding.

 *Use stainless steal dishes. It prevents chewing and they are easy to sanitise.

 *Be sure to handle the puppy during eating, take the dish away, pet their face..etc while they eat. It helps to prevent food aggression from developing.

 *Always have fresh water available.

 *Feed and water in elevated dishes to help reduce the risk of bloat.

 *Do not change the puppy/dog's food brand if you can help it. It upsets the digestive tract and can cause long term complications. Even if you don't choose to feed what we recommend, find another high quality brand and stick with it.

* There is a million and one opinions out there on the internet and with different vets on how and what to feed these giant breeds. My general rule of thumb is to feed high quality, meat based kibble that has this information on the bag:

  • It must be a Holistic or Super Premium level dog food (read the bag for those words)
  • Company is owned by a family or individual NOT a large corporation.
  • USDA or Human Grade are necessary words to look for on the website and pamphlets about the food. They are not allowed to put some words on the bags of foods so check the websites.
  • You want PROBIOTICS on the food
  • Protein levels 23-26% 
  • Fat 12%-16%
  • Moderate calories per cup 350 - 400
  • Calcium - 1.2% - 1.5%
  • Multiple proteins - at least 2 - in food (meats/eggs/fish)- so all amino acid bases are covered: chicken/fish/eggs or pork/chicken/fish or turkey/fish/beef (get the drift).
  • Trace minerals- 68-72 trace or micro minerals 


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