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A.K.A Raven

D.O.B January 20th 2015

OFA Hips " Good" Number GD-14084G34F-PL

OFA Elbows "Normal" Number GD-EL3199F34-PL


 Raven has been one of the best dogs we have ever owned. SWEET, gentle, obedient and SMART. She absolutely loves our kids and is cautious with her body so that she doesn't knock them down or accidently hurt them. Raven would never make a guard dog as she doesn't seem to understand what a stranger is. She would practically open the door and invite anyone in.  She has lovely structure with a nice clean neck and even top-line. We believe she will produce a Champion for us. Keep checking back with us for her next litter announcement! 

Cornerstone News


We are now offering stud service to approved bitches to our Niobrara's Taylor Made "Chrome" Live cover only at this time. Stud fee is $1,500 for 2018. We offer a live puppy gurantee. If you have wanted to use Chrome's stud service but haven't done it yet, now is the time to apply as he will be retiring in 2018. This will be his last year of breeding. 

Stud Service also available with live cover or shipped semen to our  Lazarus Vom Ysenburger Bergland. See his page for more info.


Our waiting lists have opened for our spring litters! Check out our "Arriving soon" page to find out more!

 You can now find us on Instagram @hlbaker15 as well as our Facebook Owners group-- Search "Cornerstone Danes".Before you friend me on my private facebook profile-- please send me a message and let me know who you are as I no longer add people that I do not know for safety and privacy reasons.