Indira KrainahDanes "Stella"



Stella has been the light of our lives. She produced so many spectacular puppies in her breeding days for us. She was spayed and retired in 2013. She has been our children's best friend and partner in crime. Stella is one of those dogs that is a once in a life time sort of dog and she blessed us with Paisley Blau to add to our program. We could not imagine life without her! You can see many of her beloved puppies on our "Dogs we have produced" page as well as on our facebook group.


Tailor Made In Chrome 



Chrome retired from our breeding program in the winter of 2019. He has always been one of the sweetest, calmest dogs I have ever met. We could not have asked for a better stud in our program and addition to our family. He has a heart of gold and we can see that in his daughters and granddaughter that are now a part of our breeding program. If only I could clone him then life would be perfect!  


Adafera Of Serius Ingentis  

img 8974 2

Our sweet Adha retired to a couch potato from our breeding program in the winter of 2020. She is an amazing, sweet and loving dog. She has the calmest disposition and always wants to please! She contributed some amazing babies to the future of the breed! She now is living her best life!

FineZja Calamites "Ember"


Ember was a wonderful contributor to our breeding program. She produced many of the beautiful dogs you see on our "Dogs we have produced" page. Playful and loving temperament and one of the brightest Danes I have ever met. She was spayed and retired from our breeding program in the spring of 2014.  We intrusted some of her offspring into a couple other very capable breeders hands and we look forward to see what our grand babies develop into!

Dunstan De La Lande Des Geants Bleus "Cinder"


This is our beloved boy Cinder whom lost his life in October of 2012. He sired many beautiful litters for us and will always be in our hearts and a piece of him in our home through Paisley, his daughter who resides with us. We are so grateful for all the years of joy and happiness he brought us!

Giant Genius Shakira "Kira"



We lost our sweet Kira in the winter of 2016 to complications after whelping her litter. Our vet did everything she could to try and save her. She was such a sweet addition to our breeding program. We called her our "happy goof" because she was always so full of joy. She wanted to be a part of EVERYTHING we did. She was the only one that would faithfully, no matter the temperature outside go with me to care for all the farm animals. She will be greatly missed in our home. We feel fortunate to watch her offspring grow up and carry on her legecy. Rest in peace sweet lady...


Grace Banatski DIV "Luci"

luci pic


Our sweet Luci retired from our breeding program in the spring of 2018. She has been a wonderful asset to our home and breeding program. She now simply is living the good life of a beloved pet!