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Cornerstone Puppy Care Instructions:

Congratulations on bringing home one of our sweet babies! Listed below are some instructions on care for your new family member. You do not have to follow these exactly. You may tweak it based on what works best in your schedule; however for the first week we highly suggest following it as closely as possible for easier transition into your home from ours.

Food: CANADAE Life stages

Feeding: Feed 7 AM & at 4 PM. Offer the puppy as much food as they want to eat for a 10 minutes then take the food away. We do it this way for easier potty training as well as it more closely resembles how a K9 eats in nature. It optimally stimulates gut function & digestion.

Water: Free choice of water until 6PM. Until they are fully potty trained we believe in taking their water away at 6PM.

Potty/Crate Training: We HIGHLY suggest using a crate for house & potty training. The best method for Danes is “prevention” if you can prevent a poor habit from forming then you very quickly can guide them to proper habits. We suggest taking the puppy outside after they eat, drink, wake up from a nap or have an extensive play session. We also suggest starting while they are little- training them to only go in one spot in your yard. Take them out to potty on a leash directly to the area you want them to use. Think of a command such as “ Go potty “ & use that every time. After they do their business praise extensively & say “GOOD POTTY *insert name *”. In their crate, be sure there is only enough room for them to stand up & turn around. Too much room & they will use the extra space as a potty spot. Once they are fully potty trained this no longer applies.

** Often the change of a new home can bring on diarrhea. Do not be concerned if this presents itself the first week but it should not last more than a week unless you are changing their food.**

Toys/Chewing: It is best to use a black KONG or other “indestructible” toy for Great Dane puppies. Stuffed animals or toys with small parts are a choking hazard & should not be used. We give a treat stuffed KONG to our puppies each time we catch them chewing on anything that is not theirs. Make no comment to them about the wrong choice, just take it away & give them the KONG. As soon as the puppy has the KONG in their mouth praise them extensively.


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