Hi Libby,
Bogart is nearing his 1st birthday so we thought we'd send an update.  He is such a sweet, intelligent, funny guy and SOOO entertaining.  He lives in the heart of downtown Philly and loves all the excitement.  His favorite thing to do is sit outside and people watch.  He also loves his twice daily trips to the dog park where he is the KING!  He is the most popular dog there and everyone thinks he is just the sweetest dog ever.  He loves ALL dogs and cannot wait to play and visit with his friends daily. We take him everywhere - banks, outdoor restaurants, pet stores (which are on every corner here, including right across the street).  You name it, he's been there!  We have a house in the mountains and he recently had his first experience seeing deer, wild turkey, fox, etc. which was thrilling.  He loved all the smells there as well as all the piles of leaves.  He is definitely has an ornery bone in him, which we realized early on as a puppy.  His orneriness is a so much a part of why we love him so much!  He's certainly got a lot of character and personality and is beyond entertaining and fun.  The surprising thing for me is how extremely intelligent he is.  He learned to ring the bell to potty only a few weeks after we got him.  He has learned to open my doors with his mouth.  He's too smart for us!  He is well known throughout the neighborhood.  Each week I meet new people that Bogart knows from going out during the day with my dog walker.  He meets more people than I do!!!  He's so amazingly gorgeous with the blue coat and blue/green eyes.  People literally stop in their cars on the busy street I live on with cars lined up and honking behind them to ask questions about him and stare at him.  We even had a city bus driver stop the enormous bus in the middle of the street with cars lines up behind him to ask about Bogart and tell us that he has 3 Danes at home.  Each day we encounter at least 1 person that literally freaks out when they see him (screeching, laughing, screaming, jumping up and down, running up to him, etc.) because they've never seen anything like him.  His has been called "majestic", "noble", "amazing", and "gorgeous" more times that I can even count.  The interesting this is that we live on the 2nd floor and a brindle Dane a few months older lives right below us.  Another blue/fawn mix lives 3 doors down from us so Center City Philadelphia is Dane Country!  Our neighborhood gets a kick out of all our Danes and he's best friends with the Dane downstairs. 
I just wanted to say thank you for our little man Bogart!  He is the greatest guy EVER! 
Danielle & Jack