•   I spent the better part of a year researching and looking for the perfect breeder. The more research I did on the breed itself and the challenges that come with irresponsible breeding practices within the Dane pedigree the more concerned I got.

    I was then referred to Libby and Cornerstone Danes from Amber Fitzsimmons. Well that referral was a blessing. It was clear Libby had a passion for her babies. And that didn't end after any of her dogs went home with their new family. Through the magic of Facebook I was able to connect with most of the new parents of these truly Great Danes. I was amazed how tight and supportive this group was.....And each new owner praised Libby.


     Libby's knowledge was apparent.....Answering questions and still mommy'ing the babies and new owners long after they had gone to their new homes. Well... Needless to say my day came. I brought my magnificent Jäger home and he has been simply superb. And I'm so grateful for all the new Cornerstone friends I have made as a result of meeting Libby.


     I truly feel I got the best of both worlds. I can say that not only did I gain and amazing new pup but I also was blessed with a great friend.


    Travis O.

    Oswego, OR